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Our faith should affect our life beyond Sunday. Through Blackhawk Courses, you can keep learning throughout the week by digging into topics that interest you and are applicable to your life. Courses run for six weeks, with different courses offered at each site and online.
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Fall Courses
  • 启发
  • Beyond Our Walls
  • 基督教史(二)
  • Examining Whiteness
  • Faith, Finances, & Freedom
  • 基督信仰入门(一)
  • Knit Together
  • Sexuality & Faith
  • The Power of Storytelling: A Multicultural Experience
  • Walking with God: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation
Spring Courses
  • Alpha
  • Boundaries: A Framework for Informing Everyday Choices
  • Beyond Boundaries
  • Beyond Our Walls: Learning & Engaging in Dane County
  • 基督教史(一)
  • Connect Four
  • English Practice & Discuss the Sunday Message
  • ¡Estudia la Biblia en Español!
  • First Steps: A Cohort for Parents
  • How to Read the Bible
  • 基督信仰入门 (二)
  • Let’s Talk About It: Questions Facing Christianity Today
  • Newlywed Connect
  • Our Shared Story: The History of Blackhawk Church
  • 與神同在的生活操練
Fall Courses
Registration for Fall Courses will open in August. To be notified when this happens, sign up here.

Fall Courses


9月15-12月1 | 7:30-9 PM

我们以轻松,无偏见的交谈形式 探索灵性生命中的重要问题及耶稣基督的教导。

Beyond Our Walls

Oct 10-Nov 14 | 6:30-8 PM
Brader Way

Learn about God’s heart for compassion and justice as we explore how to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly in our communities.


9月2-12月2 | 9-10:30 AM


Examining Whiteness

Oct 10-Nov 21 | 6:45-8:30 PM
Brader Way

Explore white cultural identity, understand its impacts, and learn how to navigate a multicultural world through a Biblical worldview. This group is for anyone who identifies as white.

Faith, Finances, & Freedom

Oct 17-Oct 24 | 7-9 PM
Brader Way

Examine six building blocks to creating a Christ-centered financial future.


9月24-10月29 | 1-2:15 PM


Knit Together

Oct 10-Nov 21 | 6:45-8:30
Brader Way

Explore cultural identities as people of color and discover redemption and reconciliation through a Biblical worldview. This group is for anyone who identifies as a person of color.

Sexuality & Faith

Oct 8-Nov 12 | 1-3 PM
Brader Way

Learn about the Biblical view of sexuality and how it relates to our society and our faith today.

The Power of Storytelling

Oct 8-Nov 12 | 6-7:30 PM
Brader Way

Build the foundation for a loving community that follows Christ by learning about the lives and perspectives of various cultures and backgrounds in our congregation.

Walking with God

Oct 9-Nov 13 | 7-8:30 PM
Brader Way

Examine what it looks like to intentionally walk with Jesus over the course of our lives including topics such as roadblocks, stages of faith, suffering, and spiritual practices.