LOVE Madison

Sunday, May 22

Every spring, we choose one day to go into the Dane County community to serve all together as one church community. We call this Love Madison. We want to connect with our neighbors and actively show the love of Jesus through our actions. Whatever city you are in, you can join us in loving our communities together.

Serve Where You Are

Registration for in-person projects is closed, but you can still be a part of Love Madison through prayer, card making, or serving your own community.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Are We Doing This?

Serving and loving our neighbors are valuable in our personal and spiritual growth. Love Madison is a practical way to do this. We want to connect with our neighbors and actively show people the love of Jesus through our actions! Throughout the year, people who attend Blackhawk Church are serving all over our community. But on this day, we want to serve on a grander scale by engaging the entire Blackhawk community in projects all over Dane County.

Why are some of the projects at for-profit businesses?

While we do work directly with many nonprofit organizations during Love Madison, we also build relational bridges and work with some for-profit companies and the city and Mayors office at times. We believe that good works, builds good will which leads to the good news. As we work alongside these organizations and companies, for the flourishing of our community we gain respect and openness to the gospel.

Will there be any Covid-related requirements?

Love Madison serves a variety of organizations, and some of these organizations may have Covid-related requirements (e.g., volunteers must wear masks). These requirements for each project are listed on the registration page and we ask that all volunteers follow them. We also ask that you not attend the day of Love Madison if you are feeling sick, have Covid or aren’t out of your quarantine period. Please make sure to communicate this with your Project Captain.

Can we bring kids along?

Each project lists the ages of those who are able to serve at any given site. The minimum age of each project is set by the organization so wo do honor their preferences. There is no childcare available at Blackhawk.

My family/friends/group wants to serve together - can we sign up as one big group, or do we need to enter each person individual?

Great question! We need information about each person who participates. Please register each person individually. Be sure to also check the number of spots available. Each project varies on the number of volunteers they can accommodate, and we are not able to add more spots than the requested amount.

For groups, one person can register everyone as long as they have everyone’s full name and email. Please only register those who have confirmed they can serve. Unconfirmed spots held for those who eventually can’t serve, leave gaps on our teams and prevent others that are available and willing from serving. Thanks for your understanding!

Is this only for those who call Blackhawk Church home or can I invite my friends to come?

Anyone is welcome! We encourage you to invite neighbors, friends, and co-workers to join you. Please make sure they register. Everyone who participates in a Love Madison project must register.

What if there is bad weather on May 22?

If the weather is extremely unfriendly, (tornado, flash floods, or the like) expect to hear from your project captain or go for instructions. There is no rain date for Love Madison, so pray for good weather!
For any questions not answered here, please contact [email protected] or 608.828.4200.

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