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The Parables of Jesus

We all love a good story. Whether in a book, on a screen, or around a campfire, stories have a way of drawing us in and engaging our hearts and minds. Jesus knew this, and when he wanted to teach his closest followers, he told them parables. These simple stories may sound strange or confusing to our ears, but each hides a deeper meaning that’s meant to challenge and teach us. This summer, we’ll look at some of Jesus’s parables and explore the lessons they have for us today.

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Love Madison

Sunday, May 19 | No Services at Any Site

Every spring, we choose one day to go into the Dane County community to serve all together as one church community. We call this Love Madison. We want to connect with our neighbors and actively show the love of Jesus through our actions. Whatever city you are in, you can join us in loving our communities together.

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We understand that the Christian journey is a dynamic, ever-evolving adventure with God. We’re here to walk alongside you by offering support, resources, and a nurturing community to help you take your next step towards getting plugged in and growing in your faith at Blackhawk.