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Next Steps Podcast

Each week, we’ll take the next steps to grow in our relationship with Christ, be formed into the kind of people He’s created us to be, and learn to better love and serve those around us.

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February 22, 2024 //

Question & Response with Charles Yu

For this season’s last podcast episode, Veronica and Michael ask questions that you, listeners wrote in for Charles Yu.

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February 15, 2024 //

The Exclusive Claims of Christ

Navigating the exclusive claims of Jesus can be a complicated and intimidating process. Join Veronica and Michael this week as they share what this process has looked like for them, as well as other bold claims that Jesus made.

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February 8, 2024 //

What if I Disagree with the Bible?

At some point or another, all of us can find ourselves disbelieving in different parts of the Bible. This week, Veronica + Michael share about their own journey of navigating disbelief, the road to reconstruction that they took, as well as normalizing this process.

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February 1, 2024 //

Faith & Science

The relationship between faith and science has been a challenge to navigate for many. In this week’s episode, Veronica and Michael talk about personal experiences, then Michael interviews Chris Dolson and Rick Lindroth as they dig deeper into this larger conversation than they were able to during the Sunday message.

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January 25, 2024 //


It’s not if we will experience suffering, but when. Join Michael and Veronica as they talk about suffering: How God is with us, the importance of moving towards community in suffering, how to navigate someone else’s suffering well, and so much more!

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January 18, 2024 //

What if I Love Jesus but Struggle with Christians?

“What if I Love Jesus but Struggle with Christians?” is a reality that all of us have had to navigate, whether we consider ourselves a part of the Christian “family” or not. Join Michael and Veronica as they talk about what it could look like to move towards health as a Christian family and how hurt is inevitable; but when we choose to love God and love others and navigate hurt intentionally, big things can happen in our lives and in our community.

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January 11, 2023 //

Under Construction

Deconstruction and reconstruction is a natural process that all of us will encounter in one way or another when it comes to our faith. Digging deeper after Sunday’s message, join Michael and Veronica as they talk about different areas of deconstruction and reconstruction in their own life, and what it could look like for Blackhawk to go under construction well.

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