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Asian American Ministry
Asian American Ministry is an English speaking ministry for those whose identity is shaped by their Asian heritage and Western upbringing.

The Asian American Ministry at Blackhawk came into existence as part of our church’s multicultural vision. We want to foster a cross-cultural perspective of God’s kingdom on earth to help us better understand how God is calling us to care for and disciple Asian Americans at Blackhawk.

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This ministry provides opportunities to get together and share our stories of how Jesus Christ has changed our lives and what God is doing, as well as share our foods and traditions to spiritually support each other.

We are also committed to understanding the issues and histories of Asian Americans in our society and in the church. We recognize the diversity within the Asian American community at large and aim to be as inclusive as possible across generations, ethnic groups, culture, and diverse immigration experiences.

If you are interested in being a part of this community, please join us.