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Care & Support
In times of uncertainty, pain, fear, and vulnerability, our well-trained staff and volunteers are here to provide care, support, direction, and resources. Through Jesus, we can carry one another’s burdens and find rest together.
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Care Response
Our Care Response team is here to listen, pray, and connect others with resources and relationships that are needed when life is hard. They serve as the first point of contact for those in need. You can reach a care responder Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 3 pm at 608.828.4230 or email us at [email protected] Schedules vary so please feel free to leave a message.

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Urgent Pastoral Care

For emergency care needs, call the church office at 608.828.4200. Follow the prompts to reach an on-call pastor if you are calling after office hours.

Let Us Pray for You

Blackhawk’s Prayer Team receives prayer requests and sets aside time each week to pray for you. Your prayer requests are prayed over for four weeks and are listed anonymously or by first name only, depending on your preference. To submit a prayer request, click request care or call our Care Response Team at 608.828.4230.
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Carry One

Another’s Burdens

Carry One Another’s Burdens

Whatever the struggle, Care is the place to start. We provide resources within the church and the broader Madison community
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Care Partners
Care Partners connect with, encourage, and support others who are going through difficult circumstances. They provide care for individuals and families through listening, prayer, visits, and meals. Our Care Response Team will help connect you with the kind of support you would like to receive.

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Counseling Recommendations
Dane County has numerous Christian counselors that provide quality support. For recommendations to assist you with your specific situation, complete a Counseling Recommendations Request or call our Care Response Team at 608.828.4230.

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One-to-One Care
Are you going through a difficult time and need someone to care, listen and share God’s love with you, one-on-one and confidentially? Are you hurting due to loss of a spouse, retirement, loneliness, unemployment, despair, childbirth, hospitalization, grief, separation and divorce, terminal illness, being shut in, faith issues or other problems? If so, a One-to-One Caregiver could help.

One-to-One Caregivers are trained, caring volunteers who have responded to Christ’s call to “carry each others’ burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” One-to-One Care provides you with someone who cares, supports, listens, shares, and prays.

A One-to-One Caregiver is:

  • A Christ-follower who walks beside a hurting person
  • A caring Christian who listens and supports
  • A volunteer who has received 50 hours of training in how to provide compassionate care

A One-to-One Caregiver is not:

  • A counselor, therapist, or mental health professional
  • A person who will solve all your problems

Requesting One-to-One Care for Someone Else?
Before reaching out for another person, go to the person in need, let them know about One-to-One Care, and pray with them about it.

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Funerals & Memorial Services

The death of a loved one can lead to intense grief. Planning a funeral or memorial service to honor, remember, and celebrate loved ones can feel overwhelming. Please know that the Care Ministry is here to help. Download a resource guide for planning a funeral. Contact Us for more information.

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Recent & Upcoming Services
On May 6, 2024, Marjorie Metzger went home to be with the Lord. Marjorie is the mother of Senior Pastor, Matt Metzger. Join us in praying for Matt and his family as they grieve this loss.