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Multicultural Community
Throughout the Bible, we see Christ reaching across commonly accepted cultural boundaries to invite all kinds of people into his kingdom. In fact, if not for his command to make disciples of all nations, few people reading these words would have come to know him at all. Each of us who have called Christ our savior have done so because someone at some time took the worthwhile risk of reaching outside their cultural comfort zone.

God envisions a multicultural kingdom. We are one people, free to fully express our distinct ethnic cultures, who worship God in loving community with each other. This kingdom is God’s answer to the ethnic hostility in our world. We are called to help heal breaches among ethnic groups in our community. A growing disciple does not lose their culture; their sanctified culture is part of their identity in the Kingdom of God. Having multiple people groups display their sanctified cultures is good for the spiritual health of our entire church. Together, we embrace the complex beauty of our cultural differences and our shared identity in Christ.

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Multicultural & Culture-Specific Communities

Within our church’s overall multicultural vision, we embrace both multicultural and culture-specific ministries.
Multicultural Community

We grow spiritually when we pursue relationships with Christ and one another in multicultural ministry. We exchange stories and experiences. We learn from people who may be different from us. When we interact across cultures we discover strengths and blind spots that affect our relationship with Christ. We reflect his multicultural kingdom together. The Gospel Fusion venue at Brader Way is one of the leading edges within our whole church’s multicultural vision.

Culture-Specific Community

We recognize the need for people of various cultures to enjoy times and spaces to share common language, foods, traditions, values, and sense of home that they may not get to experience on a daily basis living as a minority within a majority culture. We recharge, support one another, and celebrate what God is doing in our culture. Blackhawk’s Black / African American Ministry, Chinese Ministry, Asian American Ministry, and Spanish-Speaking Ministry are leading edges in our effort to develop culturally-specific communities within our multicultural vision.

Teaching and Learning About God’s Multicultural Kingdom

The Teaching Team aims to incorporate God’s vision of a multicultural Kingdom of God into our teaching and training. We aim to help people understand this vision as a core part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For everyone in minority and majority cultures, we aim to help people value their cultural identity as part of their discipleship and develop a sanctified cultural identity as they learn from those of different cultures. As a church, we are committed to learn and keep learning all about what it means to follow Christ into multicultural community.
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