Year-Long Plans

Love This Book

Read through the entire narrative of the Bible, creating a habit of seeking God’s word regularly. We want to fall in love with the Bible and experience God’s will for our lives, both personally and in the context of our world.

Love This Book is a year-long reading plan, which corresponds with our Sunday messages, and is divided into four parts.

Interested in doing Love This Book at your church? Download the materials here.

Eat This Book

Following aspects of the traditional Jewish order in the Old Testament, this Eat This Book reading plan offers a sustainable reading pace, allowing you to experience first the Old Testament and then the New Testament in one year.

Each day, you’ll explore an average of four chapters, and you’ll close your time in prayer by reading a Psalm.

Accordion paragraph

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Reading Guides: Get help notes for each book of the Bible.>

The Bible in Five: Watch a five minute video on how to read every book of the Bible.

Study Bibles:

Short-Term Plans

Practices of Advent

In the Advent season, we prepare our hearts to celebrate Christ’s entry into our world. We know it’s not easy to remain focused on Jesus throughout this busy season. It takes practice.

With that in mind, we’ve created a Scripture plan to read throughout the Advent season. The plan also includes a weekly practice that will help your heart and mind engage with the themes of Advent – hope, peace, joy and love.

Psalms Mixtape

Explore how this book can give words to our prayers and help us grow in our relationship with God.

Life By the Spirit

The Life by the Spirit Scripture & Practices plan provides Scripture and devotional content to help you “keep in step” with the Spirit of God (Galatians 5:25). The plan covers five weeks, and each week includes a daily prayer, Scripture and practices to help you open yourself to the movement of the Spirit in our lives.

30-Day Reading Plan

Over the course of 30 days, this reading plan will take you through the entire book of Acts. Each day you’ll read a chapter or less and respond to reflection questions. There are also resources linked to each reading to deepen your understanding of Acts.

15-Week Reading Plan

This journal will follow our 15-week series. Each week you can read the passage of Scripture from the Sunday message with space to write down observations, notes, application, and prayer. You can use it before you join on Sunday or dive into the passage after.

The Story of God

What is the overarching story of the Bible? What is God doing in the world? Take the next 30 days to walk through the story of God as revealed in the Scriptures.