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Blackhawk’s Internship Program

Are you considering ministry as a vocation? Would you like to develop your strengths and leadership skills in a vocational ministry setting? If yes, Blackhawk’s Internship Program may be for you!


When it comes to internships at Blackhawk, we value:

    • The holistic development of interns will take priority over their utilization. We are more concerned with how interns will grow through their experiences than what they can do for Blackhawk.
    • Interns will have the opportunity to discover their gifts and passions.
    • Intern development will happen within community, on teams and in proximity to leaders.
    • While interns will serve primarily in one ministry area, they will be exposed to a broad range of ministries and experiences.


If you’re thinking about an internship now or even a year or two down the line, complete an interest form and someone on our team will connect with you. We’d love to chat with you about how an internship might fit into your journey.

The Internship Program Handbook and Internship Overview also provide a lot of the nitty gritty details about internships, so feel free to also reference these resources.

Ready to Apply?

We are currently accepting applications for summer 2022. To be considered for this internship season, please submit an Internship Application (and the related Internship Reference Form) by February 15. We will review your application in the weeks afterward, and will extend invitations in March.

Give Toward the Internship Program

In order to participate in an internship, interns are required to fundraise for their wage and other small incidental expenses. Interested in giving toward the Intern Program?