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Starts with You
We believe everyone can transform the community around them through their gifts and talents. Transformation doesn’t just happen in the big moments, but in the small moments when we welcome someone, operate a camera, or get involved in our neighborhood. These small moments can lead to the big moment – the moment when God transforms a heart. And when God transforms a heart, it transforms a home, a community, a city, and even the world. Big transformation starts small. And it starts with you.

Serve in December

Study Day

Friday, December 16, Noon – 10 PM | Brader Way

Every semester, we open Blackhawk Brader Way to our college age community to eat, study, or just hang out during finals week, and we cap off the night with an awesome time of worship together. To make Study Day happen, we need hundreds of volunteers to serve in all kinds of ways from donating food to tearing down after the event.

Christmas Services

December 21-25
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We’d love for you to be a part of our Christmas services. There are many opportunities to serve and help us create a welcoming environment for everyone who joins us.

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