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Our faith should affect our life beyond Sunday. Through Blackhawk Courses, you can keep learning throughout the week by digging into topics that interest you and are applicable to your life. Courses run for six weeks, with different courses offered at each site and online.
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Fall Courses
  • Alpha
  • Boundaries: A Framework for Informing Everyday Choices
  • The Christian Life in a Secular World
  • How to Read the Bible
  • Parenting through the Phases
  • Science & Faith
  • The Story of Scripture, Part 1
  • What Happy Couples know
Spring Courses
  • Alpha
  • Boundaries: A Framework for Informing Everyday Choices
  • Beyond Boundaries
  • Beyond Our Walls: Learning & Engaging in Dane County
  • 基督教史(一)
  • Connect Four
  • English Practice & Discuss the Sunday Message
  • ¡Estudia la Biblia en Español!
  • First Steps: A Cohort for Parents
  • How to Read the Bible
  • 基督信仰入门 (二)
  • Let’s Talk About It: Questions Facing Christianity Today
  • Newlywed Connect
  • Our Shared Story: The History of Blackhawk Church
  • 與神同在的生活操練

Spring Courses


三月 11-八月 26 | 9-10:30 AM


¡Estudia la Biblia en Español!

15 de Enero-28 de Mayo | 9-10 de la mañana
Brader Way

El ministerio de habla hispana de Blackhawk extiende una atenta invitación a todos los que quieran estudiar la palabra de Dios en español. Acompáñenos en nuestro estudio del Evangelio de Marcos.

No es necesario inscribirse.

基督信仰入门 (二)

三月 26-四月 30 | 1-2:15 PM