The Parables
of Jesus

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The Parables of Jesus

We all love a good story. Whether in a book, on a screen, or around a campfire, stories have a way of drawing us in and engaging our hearts and minds. Jesus knew this, and when he wanted to teach his closest followers, he told them parables. These simple stories may sound strange or confusing to our ears, but each hides a deeper meaning that’s meant to challenge and teach us. This summer, we’ll look at some of Jesus’s parables and explore the lessons they have for us today.
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May 26 // The Sower | Charles Yu
June 2 // The Workers in the Vineyard | Daniel Owen
June 9 // Prodigal Son, Lost Sheep, & Lost Money | Matt Metzger
June 16 // The Sheep & the Goats | Charles Yu
June 23 // The Persistent Widow | Chris Dolson
June 30 // The Great Banquet | Tiffany Malloy
July 7 // The Bags of Gold | Michael Knapstad
July 14 // The Treasure in the Field & Pearl of Great Value | Peter Vang
July 21 // The Barren Fig Tree | Adam Penning
July 28 // The Unmerciful Servant | Chris Dolson
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