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Rebuilding a Lasting Faith

Many of us have struggled with doubts and questions that have led to dismantling ideas we’ve had about God, Jesus, and Christianity. This process, known as deconstruction, has become increasingly common among Christians today. It can sometimes result in a loss of faith. But it doesn’t have to. Asking questions, experiencing doubts, and changing our minds can help us grow as we follow Jesus.  For the next five weeks, we’ll explore how deconstruction can lead to reconstruction as we consider some common issues that can challenge – and build – our faith in Christ.
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January 7 // Deconstructing & Reconstructing Faith | Chris Dolson – Discussion Guide
January 14 // What if I Love Jesus but Struggle with Christians? | Michael Knapstad – Discussion Guide
January 21 // Suffering | Matt Metzger – Discussion Guide
January 28 // Science & Faith | Chris Dolson – Discussion Guide
February 4 // Disagreeing with the Bible | Charles Yu – Discussion Guide
February 11 // The Exclusive Claims of Christ | Adam Penning – Discussion Guide

Next Steps Podcast

Each week, we’ll take the next steps to grow in our relationship with Christ, be formed into the kind of people He’s created us to be, and learn to better love and serve those around us.
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Deconstructing & Reconstructing Faith
Articles & Books
After Doubt | A.J. Swoboda

Walking with Jesus: Seasons of Faith | Blackhawk Church
Walking with Jesus: Speed Bumps on the Journey | Blackhawk Church
Slow Theology Podcast: Simple Faith for Chaotic Times, Season 1 | A.J. Swoboda & Nijay K.Gupta

What if I Love Jesus but Struggle with Christians?
Articles & Books
Dominion | Tom Holland
A Church Called Tov | Scot McKnight & Laura Barringer
Articles & Books
Hope for the Hurting | Tony Evans
Walking with God through Pain & Suffering | Tim Keller
The Problem of Pain | C.S. Lewis
Disappointment with God | Philip Yancey

Walking with Jesus: Through Suffering | Blackhawk Church

Science & Faith
Articles & Books
Creation or Evolution | Denis Alexander
How I Changed My Mind About Evolution | Kathryn Applegate & J.B. Stump
The Language of God | Francis Collins
Mere Science & Christian Faith | Greg Cootsona
The Warfare Between Science & Religion | Jeff Hardin, Ronald Numbers, Ronald Binzley
Why Science & Faith Need Each Other | Elaine Howard Ecklund
God’s Two Books | Kenneth Howell
Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles? | Ian Hutchinson
Four Views on Creation, Evolution, & Intelligent Design | Stanley Gundry, J.B. Stump
“Creation, Evolution, & Christian Laypeople” | Tim Keller
Confronting Christianity | Rebecca McLaughlin
Galileo Goes to Jail & Other Myths about Science & Religion | Ronald Numbers

American Scientific Association
Science for the Church

Language of God | BioLogos

2014 Science & Faith Seminar | Blackhawk Church

2017 Science & Faith | Blackhawk Church

Disagreeing with the Bible
Articles & Books
How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth | Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart
Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes | E. Randolph Richards
Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes | E. Randolph Richards

Live This Book Messages & Resources | Blackhawk Church

The Exclusive Claims of Christ
Articles & Books
Making Sense of God | Tim Keller
Confronting Christianity | Rebecca McLaughlin