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From the very beginning, there has been a story. A story that reveals who God is and who He has made us to be. As Christ followers, we want to be people who don’t just know the story of the Bible, but who allow this story to impact how we live every day. Over the next nine months, we’ll trace the themes of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, seeing how one continuous story points to God and transforms each of us.
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September 11 // Live This Book
September 11 // Live This Book | Charles Yu – Discussion Guide
September 18 - October 9 // Live This Book: God's Plan for Humanity
September 18 // A Personal God | Matt Metzger – Discussion Guide

September 25 // Order Out of Chaos | Chris Kopp – Discussion Guide

October 2 // The Image of God | Charles Yu – Discussion Guide

October 9 // Marriage in the Big Story | Matt Metzger – Discussion Guide

October 16-30 // Live This Book: The Humans Rebel
October 16 // The Serpent | Chris Dolson

October 23 // Human Rebellion & Consequences | Charles Yu

October 30 // Broken Relationship with Creation | Chris Dolson

November 6 - January 15 // Live This Book: God Chooses a People
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January 22 - February 19 // Live This Book: God's People Rebel
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February 26 - April 9 // Live This Book: Jesus is King
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April 16 - May 7 // Live This Book: The Empowered Church
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May 14-28 // Live This Book: God's Mission Accomplished
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Next Steps Podcast

Each week, we’ll take the next steps to grow in our relationship with Christ, be formed into the kind of people He’s created us to be, and learn to better love and serve those around us.
Reading Plans //

The Story of God

30 Day Reading Plan

What is the overarching story of the Bible? What is God doing in the world? Take the next 30 days to walk through the story of God as revealed in the Scriptures.

Love This Book

1 Year Reading Plan

Read through the entire narrative of the Bible, creating a habit of seeking God’s word regularly. We want to fall in love with the Bible and experience God’s will for our lives, both personally and in the context of our world.

Eat This Book

1 Year Reading Plan

Following aspects of the traditional Jewish order in the Old Testament, this Eat This Book reading plan offers a sustainable reading pace, allowing you to experience first the Old Testament and then the New Testament in one year.

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The Bible as Story

Understanding the Old Testament

Understanding the New Testament

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