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When disasters strike, our response is to pray and give directly to relief organizations that are tangibly responding and meeting the most urgent needs.

Israel-Hamas War

Blackhawk Church’s response to the ongoing situation in Israel and Gaza is to pray and to connect you directly to the first response relief organizations listed below so that you can give as you feel led. This is the most direct way of getting the funds to where they are most needed.


    • For a restoration of order and security throughout Israel and Gaza.
    • For protection and safe return of all who are being held hostage.
    • For healing for those who have been wounded and traumatized.
    • For comfort for all who have lost loved ones.
    • For those who feel that violence is their only option and for those who feel powerless.
    • For emergency first responders providing care and relief.
    • For guidance for all who are involved in diplomacy to end the immediate conflict and prevent any external efforts to provoke continued violence.
    • For the restoration of conditions in both Israel and Palestine in which the longer-term issues of sustainable peace and justice for all can be addressed.
    • For the strengthening and witness of the Church in Israel and Palestine.

Afghanistan Earthquakes

Recent earthquakes in Afghanistan have resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries as well as structural devastation. First responder relief and government organizations are on the ground and will remain there for the long haul, rebuilding communities and bringing hope and restoration. Blackhawk Church’s response is to pray and to connect you directly to first response relief organizations as this is the most direct way of getting the funds to where they are most needed.


    • For victims and their families
    • For healing for those injured
    • For rescue efforts and emergency workers
    • For the local church to bring spiritual hope
    • That the Holy Spirit turns hearts towards God
    • For local and national government as they work to assist people and communities

Crisis in Ukraine

The devastation and death caused by Russia’s invasion has caused an immense humanitarian crisis that becomes more precarious as the situation continues to unfold. Life-changing and world-altering events are taking place and, in the midst of this, it is easy to feel helpless. Blackhawk Church’s response is to pray and give. We are people who pray and can be united in prayer with Christians in Ukraine, and in bordering countries who are loving their neighbors as they flee their homeland. In addition to praying, we encourage you to give financially, directly to relief organizations that are tangibly responding. The organizations listed below are the most direct ways of getting the funds to where they are most needed.


    • For God’s love to be a source of strength
    • For help and comfort for those who are wounded and have lost loved ones
    • For Ukrainians in distress who are fleeing their homes and seeking refuge in neighboring countries
    • For people in bordering towns assisting Ukrainians – for perseverance, supplies and support
    • For God’s protection, safety, and spiritual protection for all people
    • For God’s intervention and for wisdom for world leaders
    • For the Church in Ukraine and neighboring countries – that they would bring spiritual hope and for hearts to be open to the gospel
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Open Roads
Open Roads is a Romania-based organization in Craiova that serves young people who’ve been orphaned, released from state institutions and left to brave the world alone. Through a Sports and English Camp in the northern Alps of Romania, Open Roads serves many young people who will hear the gospel message for the first time and understand their worth and love in God.
World Relief
Interview with Terra Vincent
Watch an interview with Terra Vincent, Director of Strategic Partnerships for World Relief, exploring the impact of your prayer and generosity on the relief work in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Integra Slovakia
Get a closer look at the refugee resettlement work that World Relief is supporting through one of their local partners, Integra Slovakia. You can read more about the ongoing efforts of World Relief and their partners here.